Tuesday, April 12, 2016

T-0 days - Surgery Day

The shuttle from the Hilgard House took us directly to the front door of of the Ronald Reagan Medical Center at 5am. We proceeded to admissions in suite 1314. After filling out some paperwork I was given a yellow packet with my surgical information and sent to the second floor to the pre-op area. 

I changed into my surgical gown and placed all my belongings in the clear plastic bag provided. I was then visited by: 

  • RN on duty
  • RN to place in my IV (She was amazing and did an awesome job)
  • Anesthesiologist 
  • Dr. Feinstein (Resident Doctor for Dr. Berke) 
  • Dr. Holliday
  • Dr. Berke 
While waiting I listened to the meditations CD and dozed off a bit. At about 7:30am I was informed it was time to start. I gave my glasses to my mom and was wheeled away. Because I couldn't see (my contact prescription is -650/-600) all I saw were blurs and heard voices not to mention it was freezing! 

Before I proceeded into the OR, the Anesthesiologist said I will begin to feel relaxed. All I remember is being rolled into the OR and within a few minutes I was out. My next recollection is waking up in the post-op area. 

A RN was constantly monitoring my vitals. Once cleared I was rolled into the transitional recovery unit. 

I don't remember any pain at all. I was just spitting up a lot of phlegm and using the suction device to clear it. I was a bit uncomfortable when the meds would wear off but it wasn't painful at all. 

Dr. Berke came into the room and informed me the nerve on my left vocal chord was unusually small. This could have contributed to my SD symptoms. He said all went well and we will change the dressing/bandage tomorrow. 

Here's a photo of my post op: 

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