Tuesday, April 19, 2016

T+7 Days (w/ Voice Sample)

Over the weekend I started to develop a hacking cough. It starts off as a tickle in my throat and I begin to cough profusely. Sometimes there is clear phlegm which comes up and other times it's only a dry cough. It's made it a little difficult to sleep but I find sleeping on my side helps a lot. After a few minutes it goes away. 

The area under my chin/neck feels very numb to the touch. I did bring this up to Dr. Feinstein on Friday and he said others have reported the same issue after surgery. (The area above the incision leading up to my chin)

On Sunday 4/17/16 - I hopped on a plane from LAX-->SFO. My mom helped me communicate if needed. She will be returning home to Hawaii and I will be recuperating in San Francisco with friends until 5/15/16. 

Goodbye LA!
I originally planned it this way thinking I wouldn't be able to eat solid foods for 25 days, have a persistent cough with swelling and pain in my neck. The only issue I have is the intermittent cough and numbing of the chin. Technically I could fly back home to Hawaii but since everything is already arranged I will just enjoy the time with friends here in San Francisco.  

I was out from 8am when we left the hotel for the airport and I didn't get "home" until 6pm in San Francisco as I had lunch and went out to the city with friends after landing. This was the longest I've been out and about and I was completely exhausted. I ended up sleeping for 12 hours. 

The steri strips are starting to curl slightly but there's a lot more to to go before it falls off on its own. It has only been one week so I refrain from touching it. When I go outside I do wear a scarf to protect it from the sun --- I know I still have the steri strips on but I don't want to take any chances of the scar darkening. 

In regards to my diet, everything is back to normal food-wise. As for liquids I can drink anything except 1) I need a straw and 2) I can't take huge gulps. 

I don't know if this does anything but several times a day I try to do mouth movements to move the area under my chin to alleviate the numbness. I also massage under my chin with my fingertips. For the neck area, I attempt to SLOWLY look up, left, right and down repeatedly for several minutes so my neck does not develop any muscle tension. There is no pain -- only some pinching from the steri strips.

As for my voice -- It's VERY breathy. There is no way I can be heard at restaurants. I am able to be heard indoors over the dining room table with a lot of effort. My friends can hear me while we are driving as long as the music is turned down and I'm leaning forward slightly (they're in the front and I'm in the backseat). But there are no spasms! 

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