Wednesday, April 13, 2016

T+1 Day w/ Voice Sample (Day after Surgery + Discharge Day!)

I woke up at 5am feeling some pain in my chest area and when I swallow. It was very minimal but I requested some pain meds at 5:30am. The pain felt like it was from the breathing tube from during surgery. 

Around 730am a lot of Dr. Berke's team came to visit me. They removed the bandage and inspected the drain tube. They said it looked very good and it was dry so they removed the tube, added steri strips and placed the large bandage back on my neck. 

Dr. Holliday came by about 8am with some pudding. He taught me some techniques to swallow. I started off slowly but eventually got the hang of it. He said I am now allowed to eat puree'd food. 

My first meal was puree'd pears, soy milk, and pudding. 

My first meal in over 36 hours! 

I downed the pears and pudding! I added a packet of thick-it to a small amount of soy milk. 

Around 10am Dr. Berke's team came to visit again and checked on how I handled breakfast. Because I did so well, they asked if I wanted to be discharged today! Of course I said yes! 

I walked around the recovery unit to get the blood flowing in my legs. I also met and spoke to a friend I made on the SLAD-R Facebook page! It was so nice to have support in the same recovery area knowing we both were going through the same thing. 

I then ordered lunch which consisted of puree'd chicken, mashed potatoes and a bowl of potato soup.
Second meal the day after surgery

The lunch disappeared quite quickly! The RN then came by with my discharge papers to sign. Dr. Holliday also made a last round to ensure everything was ok. The pharmacist came by and dropped off several medications: 

  • Steroid for the internal swelling
  • Antacid 
  • Pain medication (liquid form) 
  • Stool softener (to use with the pain medication) 

Around 4:30pm, I was wheel chaired to the shuttle pick up area and taken back to the hotel. 
Time to be discharged!

Because I was discharged a day early, I still wasn't able to remove the large bandage or shower. I managed to rinse/wash at least my hair. 

Before bed I inhaled a container of applesauce. I then took some pain medication even though I probably didn't need it. I wanted to ensure I slept comfortably. 

Below is a recording made in the morning: 

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