Monday, April 11, 2016

T-1 Day / Pre-Op Appointment

My pre-op appointment is scheduled for 3pm. It allowed me time to explore around the hotel. 

The Hilgard House is actually directly behind the UCLA Tiverton House. The area has a lot of shops and restaurants nearby including Target, Trader Joe's, Ralphs, Starbucks, Denny's, CVS etc.. This will be very convenient over the next week. 

My mother and I had In-and-Out Burger before lunch and headed back to the hotel to relax before my pre-op appointment. 

Upon entering the office I finally met Gloria ("Lorena") who I've been communicating with via E-mail for the last several months. She was upbeat and friendly as expected.  

I then met Dr. Holliday and Dr. Berke. I spent most of my time with Dr. Holliday who answered any questions I had. He could tell I was nervous and tried to reassure me everything will be fine. Dr. Berke also reassured me I will be fine and I am in good hands. 

I then proceeded to patient financial services at 200 medical plaza drive. I am paying for this procedure out of pocket. Telva at financial services was friendly and very helpful. She contacted me a few days prior to ensure I had all the paperwork needed. Everything went smoothly. 

Upon exiting the medical plaza building we spoke to a volunteer asking about shuttle services to and from the Hilgard House tomorrow morning. The gentleman was very friendly and provided us with phone number to call at 4:30am for a pick up. 

Everyone we've come into contact at UCLAHealth have been attentive, courteous, and genuinely interested in answering my questions/concerns. 

To prepare I listened to "Meditations to Promote a Successful Surgery." It's a little "out there" but it really helped me to relax and put myself in the right frame of mind prior to surgery. I also had a playlist of classical music to calm me down prior to sleep. (Note - I did start listening to this CD on the plane while flying from HNL-->LAX)

I have to report to the hospital at 5am meaning no meals after 9pm and no liquids after 3pm. 

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